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Current Action

 Shutesbury  Considers  Resolution  to  Equalize Historic  Preservation

Shutesbury is poised to lead the way in equalizing the face of historic preservation.  An initiative is filed for the annual town meeting to correct historic imbalance and include Native American heritage features in the town's preservation plans and actions.

Around $400,000 has been spent by the small town toward community preservation over about a decade, while Native American heritage features have not yet been included.  This resolution will be a giant step forward toward preserving the current character of the town, which includes numerous Native American sacred stone sites as well as Colonial period features.

Grants for survey and planning from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Archaeological Institute of America’s Site Preservation Grant Program, and Community Preservation Act are some of the funding sources targeted for this effort.

The effort to bring fullness and balance to historic preservation is embodied in:

Resolution to Preserve Native American Historic and Traditional Cultural Properties, Including Ceremonial Stone Landscapes

This resolution seeks to use grant funds to assess, inventory and prioritize Native American sites, collaborating with regional tribal offices to identify and choose sites, and completing their preservation through land purchases, easements and/or other covenants.  Town and local state lands are envisioned, while private landowners who wish to participate may apply to have a property or properties included in the project.

Many residents of Shutesbury are aware of the increasing rareness of open spaces, and landscapes that speak to our past, that have much to teach, and which are treasures soon to be unseen elsewhere.  Folks in Shutesbury chose their town for love of what it is, a library of the past and present, of clear water and hidden places, a song of sacredness, a small community where people know one another.  Now, Shutesbury is taking a step forward in recognizing what we have, its true value, and how to share that with coming generations.

Please join us in supporting intelligent conservation of our growing cultural richness.

Taubotne, kah Aquene (Thank you and Peace),

Resident Supporters of Shutesbury, Friends, Neighbors and Oso:ah Foundation